Déscriptif des Compétences en langue étrangère imprimable

Des informations officielles pour le M2 Et le English Booster Course for Master's.

The "validation" in M2 is based on this assessment.

Auto-formation pour les étudiants UJF

Poster sessions, oral presentations, research papers – the stuff of which communication in science is made.
And all this in English of course.
Not English as it is spoken by people in the US, the UK, Australia etc.
But English as it is used by the international community of scientists.
Your short course in M1 will be mainly based on reading, note-taking, and producing a poster
In M2 the accent is on public speaking techniques and note- taking.
All of which is useful in any language, and can be used by the English teachers to create the conditions to help you improve your English.
You can use these lessons to learn more about subjects related to your main subject – and gain marks by explaining them clearly to your fellow students and the teacher.
How much you get from the English lessons depends on YOU.
But the rules say

Le semestre 4, et, en conséquence, le Master, ne peut être validé que si l’étudiant(e) a fait preuve dans son parcours de son aptitude à maîtriser au moins une langue étrangère (pour les étudiants étrangers non francophones, cette langue pourra être le français langue étrangère) .

How can you to « faire preuve de son aptitude à maîtriser au moins une langue étrangère » ?

Here is an illustration of the link between lessons and the "validation de niveau"

In M2 – it is most important that whatever your situation you come to test at the start of the year at the service des langues, where you will learn more.

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